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Indoor Temperature Optimisation via Thermal Inertia

E-mail Signature File with Google Maps URL

Transformation of an Ellipsoidal Boiled Egg into a Cubic Egg

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Towel/Cloth Hanger

Insertion of a Conductive Elastomer Tip Stylus into a Mitten to Control the iPhone

Sound Reflector for a Laser-Cut Plywood iPhone Stand

Axially Symmetrical Placement of Dispenser Pumps

Inner-Glove and Outer-Mitten Combination

Express Drying of Clothes by Crossed Hangers

Polyester String Supplement for an Ear Warmer

Choice of Magnetically Attachable/Detachable Necklaces Suspended from Ceiling

Carrying a Case of Beverage Cans by a Punch-Through Shoulder Strap

Easy-To-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs by Pre-Cracking the Eggshell

Transformation of Disposable Aviation Headset into Earplugs

iPhone's LED Flashlight as a Nightlight for Houseguests

Wearing Mixed-Colour Slippers for Efficiency

Straw-Focused Vacuum Cleaning of a Laptop Computer's I/O Ports

Glass Marble Balls as Astronomical Objects in a Gravity Well

Street Number Illumination in a Dot-Matrix Pattern

Laptop Computer Keyboard Protection by Polyethylene Plastic Wrap

Microfibre Cloth Wrap-Around Screen Cleaner Spray Container

Stabilisation of Ginkgo Seeds in an Envelope by Packing Tape

Spill Prevention by Negative Pressure in Fluid Containers

Diagonal Placement of an Adjustable Expansion Rod for a Room-Dividing Curtain

Keeping Houseplants Alive by a Plastic Sheet as Vapour Barrier

Carrying Cross-Country Skis and Poles with a Backpack

Synergetic Operation of a Cord Lock and a Keychain Ring

Adjustable Nylon Belt to Tie Reusable Bags to a Bus Seat

Suspending Spice Jars from a Steel Ceiling by Disc-Shaped Rare-Earth Magnets

Suspending Food Items from a Steel Ceiling by Magnetic Clips

Hanging an Umbrella on an Emergency Exit Handle of a Bus

Silicone Wristbands for Improved Sealing of Gloves/Mittens

Cross-Country Ski Carrier with Heavy-Duty Silicone Wristbands

Double Gloves for Outdoor Activities at Low Temperature

Tidying up a Cord-Locked Shoelace with Ring-Shaped Rare-Earth Magnets

Conductive Elastomer Tip Mounted on a Glove to Control the iPhone

Portable MSG Dispenser in a Waist Bag

Encasing Plants and Animals in Talc-Doped Epoxy Resin

Curtain Tying Mechanism with a Cord Lock and Rare-Earth Magnets

Hydrogel Balls on Flower Pot Soil Surface

Manually Laser Engraving a Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

Aluminum Containers for Individual Serving of Wine

Olive Oily Vegetable Soup

Polyethylene Plastic Wrap for Sanitary Poop Sampling

Obituary Publishing in QR Code HyperLink

Rotatable iPhone Attachment to a Swingable Magnetically-Supported Bent Steel Bar

Disabling a Desk Lamp Switch by a Balloon Cap

Mounting iPhone's Grocery List on a Shopping Cart

Gooping LEGO Pieces for Non-Linear Construction

Magneto-Electrical Auto-Switch Mechanism

3-D Holy Ghost Angel Resurrection Miracle Chamber

ShamWow for Absorbing H2O from a Permeable Shower Curtain

Diagonal Drying of a Washable Permanent Furnace Air Filter

Homopolar Motors on a 3-D Chess Style Platform

Neck Pain Relief by Replacing a Pillow with a Folded Bath Towel

Nano Magic Tape iPhone Attachment to a Steering Wheel Hub

PROPERTY OF Asset Tag with a QR Code of E-mail Address

Stable Poppy Fixing by a Lapel Pin Preventing Needle-Stick Injury

Apple Pay Emulation by a Prepaid Fare Card inside an iPhone's Gap

Desktop HeNe Gas Laser

Reverse-Wearing Indisposable Medical Nitrile Gloves

Putting Desiccant inside the Tip of Footwear

Floating Decoration by Fish-Line Hanging from a Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Conductive Elastomer on a Thumb Tack to Control the iPhone through a Glove/Mitten

Thumb Tack to Control the iPhone through a Glove/Mitten

Handle Cam to Take Photos by an iPhone Mounted on a Bicycle

Localised Draft Prevention by a Folded Bath Towel as a Thermal Shield

All-Season Shoes Leakage Preventive Measure by PVC Tape

Cold-Buster Medical Nitrile Gloves with a Touch ID Hole

Heavy-Duty Food-Item Carrier by a Dual-Compartment Cardboard Box with Rubber Bands

Aluminum-Foil Metallic Thermal Socks

Aluminum-Foil Hat Lining for Sound Reflection

Ultra-High-Efficiency Self-Regulating Symmetrical Homopolar Motor with a Circular Rotor

High-Efficiency Self-Regulating Asymmetrical Homopolar Motor

Viewing/Listening Angle Optimisation of a Uni-Directional Acoustic Dome by an Aluminum Lampshade

Lapel Pin to Prevent a Waist Bag Strap from Slip-Sliding Away

Turtleneck Sweat Buster Moisture Chimney by a Silicon Steel Strap

Angled Tray to Catch Dripping Wine from a Water Pump

Tying Curtain with a Safety Reflective Ankle Strap

Partial Guidelines for Cutting Paraffin Wax Splash Guard

USB Cable Tie's Steel Core for Stopping a Zipper Slider

Flip-Cover Casserole Bowl for Double-Decker Microwave Cooking

Biodegradable Paper Towel Cover for Microwave Cooking

Nano Magic Tape iPhone Attachment to a Uni-Directional Acoustic Dome

Multiple Uni-Directional Acoustic Domes on a Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower with an Air Gap

Orientation-Differentiated Placement of RFID Chip Cards in a Waist Bag for Public Transportation

Crystal Glass Candle Holder as an Ornamental Lightbulb Socket

iPhone Stand by a Spherical Rare-Earth Magnet on a Steel Washer

QR Codes of Wi-Fi Access and Presentation Viewgraphs on PAGE 1

Touchscreen Cleaning by Surfactant in a Detergent-Soaked Cloth

High-Density Polyethylene Produce Bag Fortification by Multiple Twist-Folding

Providing Friction to iPhone's Bicycle Mount by Electrical Tape

Permanent Setting of Home Appliance's Control Functions by Electrical Tape

Floating Cereal Bowl on a Transparent-Dome Platform by an Inverted Glass Bowl

No-Knot Calendar Hanging by Ring-Disc Combination of Rare-Earth Magnets

Triple-Layer Sandwich for iPhone's Optimal Magnetic Attachment

Locking a Bike Holder For Mobile Phones by a Supercycle Basic Combo Bike Lock

Posture-Perfect Movie Viewing on a Switch-Stopped iPhone

Bending the Suction Tube of a Spray Bottle by Boiling Dihydrogen Monoxide

Electrical-Tape Blocking of a Wall Switch

Plant-Growth Direction Shifting from Vertical to Horizontal

iOS Shortcuts for Transmitting URL via either AirDrop or QR Code

Steel Washers Strengthening iPhone Magnetic Attachment

High-Pitch Friction Noise Replacing a Bicycle Bell

Lifting a Toilet-Seat Lid with a Suction Cup Gadget

Hiding a Pocket Knife inside a Metallic Compact Mirror Case

Colouring Alignment Lines on a Bicycle Combination Lock

Inverted Double-Decker Platform for Eating Cereals with Milk

iPhone Stand with a Safety Reflective Ankle Strap

Suspending Magnetised Sunglass Case on an S-Shaped Hook

In-Car Dual-Screen Display

iPhone Mount on a Steering Column with Sticky-Pad Attachment

Securing a Rubber Band with 2 Ring-Shaped Rare-Earth Magnets

Pre-Counted Bus Fare in a Plastic Bag

Knapsack as a Frontpack

Uniform PET Containers for General Food Storage

Shower Caddie's Suction Cup on a Gooped Steel Plate

Peripheral Opening of Paperclip-Fastened Curtains

Acoustic Dome on a Kitchen Ceiling Crosspoint

Preventing a Bird Nest inside a Ventilation Duct Opening

Twist-Attaching an Over-Sized Trash Bag to a Kitchen Waste Bin

Zero-Maintenance All-Natural Tapestry Lawn

Nuts/Seeds Collection by Vacuum Suction with a Mesh Filter

Steel Plate Landing Site for the iPhone Holder with a Hula Hoop

Organic Fertiliser Spray for Hydrogel Hydroponics Plants

Covered Compartmentalised Hydrogel Hydroponics for Minimizing Evaporation of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Align-Only No-Fold Laundry Scheme

Frequency Shifting of a Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Avoiding Interference with a GPS Navigator

Conference Badge with QR Code of E-mail Address

Waist Bag Belt as an Integrated Single Belt

Synergetic High-Pitch Acoustic Resonance by Fish-Line Hanging of a Heavy Bolt and a Singing Rod

Annular Junk-Mail Flyer as a Paraffin Wax Splash Guard

Functional QR-Code ID Tattoo with Citizenship Logo for Body Identification

Hydroponics with Multi-Layer Hydrogel Balls and Tissue Paper Sandwich Membrane

High-Pitch Acoustic Resonance by Fish-Line Hanging of a Heavy Bolt

Dirt-Free Hydroponics with Single-Layer Hydrogel Balls

Dirt-Free Hydroponics with Hydrogel Balls in a Cup

Freezing Ginkgo Biloba Seeds in a Freezer

Storing Ginkgo Biloba Seeds in a Plastic Mesh Bag

Ending the Battle over Toilet Seat Up or Down

Preventing Contamination behind a Food Container Cover

UPC Spoofing with On-Line Barcode Generator

Quinolent GREEN Washable (Encased in Paraffin Wax)

Concave-Convex Image Transformation by a Mylar Seal

Hydrogel Shrinkage by Osmosis with Sodium Chloride in Dihydrogen Monoxide

Horizontalisation of iPhone-Viewing Lamp Stand by a Rag

iPhone Rubber-Band Suspension from a Swingable Magnetically-Supported Bent Steel Bar

Snow Shovel Handle Replacement for Back-Pain Prevention

Keychain on a Retractable Wire Semi-Permanently Attached to a Winter Jacket

Quinolent GREEN Drying on a Cutting Board

Quinolent GREEN Measuring by an Ice-Cream Scoop and Shaping by a Plastic Cup

In-Situ Casseroles Cooking of Pre-Weighed Quinolent GREEN and Quinolent ORANGE

Open-Air Uncovered Blending of High-Viscosity Ingredients

Clean Cheese Dispensing by Multiply-Folded Plastic Wrap

Hyper-Thick Toilet Tissue for Dry and Wet Wiping

Drying Ginkgo Seeds in a Laundry Net Mesh Bag

Gooping a Steel Plate to a Refrigerator Ceiling

Strategic Placement of a Recycling Bin to Keep a Snowplow Away

Winter Jacket Hood Adjustment by Safety Pins

Keychain on a Coiled Wire Semi-Permanently Attached to a Winter Jacket

iPhone Tethered to a Coiled USB Cable for Loss Prevention

Electrical Tape Cable Consolidation at the Gap of an Extendable Table

Serving Quinolent GREEN Puck Soup on a Microwave-Oven Turntable

USB Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Looping

Upside-Down Fondue Base for a Tabletop Fireplace

Gooping Washers to a Wine Filter Housing

Using Paper Towel as Coffee Filter

Freezing Dihydrogen Monoxide in a Balloon

Sanitary Opening and Closing of a Toilet Seat

Reducing Banging Noise of a Toilet Seat

Providing Parents in the Master Bedroom with Privacy

Insulating Tubing of a Hot-Water Tank

Stopping Movement of Over-the-Door Hook Hanger by Silicone Rubber Pads

Glove Attachment to a Winter Jacket's Snap Fastener

Finding a Stud with Rare-Earth Magnets

Looped Masking Tape for Removing Hair

Knapsack Zipper Stopper Technique

Trimming Tall Plastic Glasses for Kids

Leaving Metallic Utensil inside a Microwave Oven while Cooking

Tissue Box Attachment by Looped Single-Sided Packing Tape

Flip-and-Throw Pre-Tied Garbage Bag

Food-Access Facilitation by Inverting a Round Casserole Dish

Costco Membership (Credit) Card in a Name Badge Holder

Breakfast Portion Control as Most Effective Diet

Scarethief Padlock on a Fence Gate

Up-Down Arrangement of Utensils on a Magic Plate

iPhone Plus USB Cable through a Hula Hoop with a Magnetically-Reinforced Bolt

Horizontal Placement of Carry-In Condiment Kit in a Knapsack

Pen Insertion into a Dashboard Air Vent Grille

Ring-Disc Combination for Magnetic Suspension of Containers

Magnetic Confinement of a Steel Bolt inside a Waist Bag

Steel-Bolt iPhone Stand for Portrait/Landscape Orientation

Upper Limit on Over-the-Range Inverter Microwave Oven's Power Setting

In-Car Magnetic Attachment of Miscellaneous Items

Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle with Magic Marker Volume Indicators

Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle Hanging on a Crank Knob

Carry-In Condiment Kit for McDonald's FREE Medium Fries

Washable Weapon of Bug Destruction

Magnetised iPhone Stacking up on top of a GPS Navigator

iPhone Plus Rubber-Band Attachment on a Sun Visor

Earphone Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Goop

Revitalisation of a Life-Size Doll by a Neck Tube and Electrical Tape

Stabilisation of a Waist Bag behind a Bike Seat by Beverage Cans

Precious Item Hiding inside a Pill Container

Friction-Assisted Diagonal Erection of iPhone for Sound Reflection

Retractable iPhone Sound Reflector into its Case

Silicone-Tape-Covered Penetrating Magnet through an iPhone Case

Broken Rare-Earth Magnet for Attaching a Bike Lock

Magnetic Suspension of a Licked Utensil above a Container

Guideline for the Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower

Routing an Extension Cord with a USB Charger in a Washroom

A Pill Holder out of a Computer-Screen Wiper

Object Insertion into the Gap of an Appliance's Label

iPhone Holder with a Hula Hoop

Laptop Laidback Wrist Saver

Chinese Water Torture Prevention Scheme

Car-Key Leg-Touching Avoidance Technique

Diagonally-Aligned Horizontal Window Blinds

Sweeper Refill on a Non-Swiffer Mop Head

Vacuum Packaging Clothes in a Plastic Bag Sealed by an Elastic Band

iPhone Sound Reflector with a Transparent Piece of Plastic

Mouthwash-Soaked Sponge for Slow-Release Nocturnal Cavity Prevention

Makeshift Spoon for Sampling Soups

Transformation of Kid's Scooter into Adult's Scooter by Duct Tape

De-Brining Green Olives with Dihydrogen Monoxide and Re-Using Brine

Laundry Detergent Measuring Cup for Mouthwash

Life-Size Welcoming Beacon Balloon Pole from Junk

Open-Door Refrigerator as a Dehumidifier

Cheese Package Sealing for Storage by Inward Folding

Killing Fruit Flies with Dihydrogen-Monoxide Spray

iPhone Rubber-Band Attachment on a Sun Visor

Using a Vibrator for Inducing/Accelerating Defecation

Head-Mounted iPhone Supported by a Primopuel Doll's Upright Hairstyle

Genuine Garage Sale with Name Your Own Price (NYOP)

Dormitory-Bed Expansion by Stolen Chairs

Leak-Free Magnetic Suspension of a Dishwand by Direction Reversal

GPS Navigator Viewing Angle Adjustment with a Rubber Band-Wrapped Plastic Container of a Liquid Sample

Shower Caddie Stabilisation Scheme with a Cut Plastic Tube

WELCOME/GOOD-BYE Entrance Double-Sided Notice Magnetically Attached on Drywall Surface

Windshield Sun-Visor Gap Filler by a Junk-Mail Flyer

Compartmentalised Envelope as a Coin Carrier by Folding and Stapling

Variable Ski-Pole Grip Position Adjustment Technique

Ski Pants Waist Belt Twist-Tightening Technique

Self-Standing Magnetised iPhone with Gooped Magnets, Non-Slip Goop Surfaces, Gooped External Battery

Duct Tape-Goop Combination for Leak Sealing Ski Boots

Leak-Catch Plastic Tray under the Kitchen Sink

Stacked Double-Decker iPhones for Simultaneous Watching and Listening

Wrapping Paper Towel around a Microfibre Cloth for Wiping

Cross-Country Ski Carrier with a Shoulder Strap

Liquid Absorber for an Electric Toothbrush Induction Base Plate

Non-Flying iPhone in the Car by a Rolled-Up Mini-Towel

Transferring Latex Paint from a Steel Can to a Plastic Container

Ski Pole Handle with Polyethylene Foam Pipe Insulation

Upside-Down Casserole Bowl for Serving Quinolent GREEN

High-Density Polyethylene Produce Bag Folding Technique

Natural Composting of Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

Magnetic Attachment of a Seat Belt Buckle Stopper

Ski Storage with a Polypropylene Rope on Ceiling Hooks

Ski Binding Detachment Preventive Measure by Gooping

Stitched Neck of a Turtleneck T-Shirt

Simultaneous Washing of a Detergent Measuring Cup with Clothes

Paperclip Fastening of Curtains Converted from Vertical Blinds

Drink Bottle Carrying in a Lab Coat Pocket

iPhone Optimal Viewing Angle from a Lamp-Stand by a Rod-Shaped Magnet

USB Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Electrical Tape

Space-Time Staggering of Muffin/Cupcake Pan for Quinolent GREEN

MAGLITE Lantern Stand for Igloo Camping

Permanently-Open Waist Pack Pocket for Shoe Horn Storage

Polyethylene Foam Pipe Insulation around a Sleigh Snow Shovel Handle

Quasi-Pressure Cooker for a Microwave Oven

iPhone Sticky-Pad Attachment to Glass

Triple-Position In-Line Cascading Workstation

Spill-Proof Drinking Bottle with Electrical Tape Volume Indicators

Partially-Open Shower to Counter the Shower-Curtain Effect

Tidy iPhone Cable Arrangement by a Ring-Shaped Magnet with a Steel Tie

Furnace Filter Life Extension

Tire Rotation Indicator Iconographic Labels

Mesh Mouse Barrier to the Car's Air Filter Compartment

Semi-Permanent In-Situ Storage of Silicone Muffin Pans on a Microwave-Oven Rack

Overboiling Ginkgo Biloba Seeds for Easy Extraction

Universal Liquids for all Washing and all Lubrication

Floating Disposable Container for Sanitary Poop Sampling

Semi-Permanent Placement of a Spill-Proof Drinking Bottle in front of a Computer

Magnetic Hanging of Utensils on a Magic Plate

Laptop Computer Platform with Quad+Fine-Tined Stacked Containers in the Bathroom

Paperclip Magnetic Stabilisation of the On-Ceiling Tissue Paper Box Suspender in a Car by a Cut Hula Hoop

Cascading Gravity-Assisted Dish Drying Scheme on a Flipped Bowl

Dual Volume Markers on the Internal Surface of an Opaque Pitcher

Lamp-Shade Stabilisation by an H2O Tank with Rubber Band Attachment to the Stand

Formation of Non-Slip Surface of iPhone Magnets by Goop Application

Permanent Goop Attachment of iPhone to an External Battery

iPhone Non-Slip Surface by Electrical Tape and Doubly-Stacked Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Magnet Scheme

Stable Non-Reflective iPhone Attachment to a Car's Dashboard

Permanently-Open Cardboard Box by Inwardly Folding the Top

Human Wash Showerhead Discharge Direction Adjustment Scheme

AvocaChide: Super-Synergetic Hybrid of Avocado and Peanut Butter

Consolidated Bundle of Multiple USB Wires with a Rubber Band through a Ring-Shaped Magnet

Magnetic Suspension of a Dishwand above a Kitchen Sink

3-in-1 Integrated Coffee Table/Trash Can/Tissue Paper Box Holder with a Microwave-Oven Turntable

Accelerometer-Shock Absorber with Diagonally-Slotted Cotton Pads in a Cardboard Box between Car Seats

iPhone Stand by Magnetisation of a Business Card Holder

Microwave Oven Door Mechanism Reinforcement Scheme with a Plastic Tube and Goop

Duvet Cover Corner Fixation with 4 Paper Clips

iPhone Wristband for Carrying at Low Outdoor Temperatures

Flipped Desk Lamp for Room Illumination and iPhone Stand above a Laptop Computer

Swingable Magnetically-Supported Bent Steel Bar on a Lamp-Stand for Straight iPhone Viewing on a Sofa with a Golf Ball at the End

TeaVin: Super-Anti-Oxidant Cocktail Mix of 1:1 Green Tea and Red Wine

Magnetic Suspension of Containers and Canned Foods from a Refrigerator Ceiling

Magnetic Attachment of an iPhone to a Hand-Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger/Battery via a Steel Plate

Perpendicular Bamboo-Tree Support with a Horizontal Bar on Stairs and Rubber Bands

Method of Making Refrigerator-Dried Smoked Salmon Jerky on a Microwave Oven Grille with a Removable Oil-Catching Tray

Holy Ghost Jesus Resurrection Miracle Chamber: Auto ON/OFF Full-Colour 3-Dimensional Repositionable Statue Projection System

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Steel Loudspeaker Grille with Long and Short Rod-Shaped Magnets for Inclination

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Desk Lamp with a USB Cable Fix by a Ring-Shaped Magnet

Drop-Leaf Table with Elastic Rubber O-Rings for Leaf Stabilisation

Erect Lock Window Curtain Holding Scheme

Ironing Board Transformation into a Stand-Up Desk with a Drink Tray

Magnetically Suspended Blinking LED Colour Holiday Lights

Staggered Pie Pan Placement Optimised for Fluid-Thermodynamics on 2 Top Oven Racks

Slidable Single-/Double-Pillow Switching Arrangement for a Laptop Holding Position

Quantized-Height Washroom Shelf with Dual Multi-Stacked Wine Containers

Hanging Peanut-Butter Mouse Trap with Gap-Aligned Opening at a Sliding Pocket Door

False-Floor Reinforcement of a Garbage Bin Floor

iPhone Stabilisation on a Curved Lamp-Shade Surface with Triple Ring-Shaped Magnets

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Plastic Refrigerator Front Door

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Disc-Shaped Steel Plate

iPhone Double-Orientation Portrait/Landscape Attachment by Quadruple Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Magnets

Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower with a Golf Ball on Top

Magnetic Remote-Control Consolidating Tower with a Golf Ball on Top

Permanently-Positioned Pre-Elevated Tank for Syphon Wine Preparation Scheme

Colour-Matched Duct Tape for Car Body Repair

Multi-Angle iPhone Stand with an Angle-Cut Plastic Lid

GPS Navigator Security Cover with a Sock

Straight-View In-Dash GPS Navigator Attachment Scheme with Rubber Bands

Tissue Paper Dispenser on a Toilet Paper Holder with Crossed Rubber Bands and a Spare on Top

Tissue Paper Dispenser beside/above a Garbage Bin with Rubber Bands

Disposable Razor Blade Lifetime Extension by Removing Hair Debris with a Brush

Open ASA/Melatonin/Vitamin Pill Dispensing with a Plastic Spoon

Hidden Coin Storage under the False Floor of a Car's Cup Holder

Hidden Trash Can inside a Car's Console

Circular Duct-Tape Patch on a Bicycle Saddle

Asymptotically Stable Self-Balancing Drinking Glass with Damping Effect

False-Floor Adaptation of a Garbage Bin to a Compost Bin

Adaptation of Blind Rail to Curtain Hanging

Taped RFID Credit Card on a Non-Smart Cell Phone as NFC Emulation

Towel/Cloth Hangers on Coffee SpaceMaker Frame

Sleigh Attachment Scheme for Cross-Country Skiing

Keychain and S-Shaped Hook Attachment by Rare-Earth Magnets to a Steel Shelf

Ventilation Inlet Duct Shutter with Magnetically-Attached Aluminum Foil

Ventilation Outlet Duct Shutter with Inserted Aluminum Foil

Linear Digital Versatile Disc Decoration behind Car Windshield

Toothbrush Soaking in Flavoured C2H5OH

Triply-Connected Coffee Table with Optional Tissue Box Attachment

Magnetically-Suspended Headset Support with a Helical Telephone Cord

Zipper-Handle Replacement with a Keychain Ring or a Paperclip

Stacked Car Floor Mat with the Bottom One Flipped for Rubber-Side Up

Replenishable Sticky-Pad Grocery List on a Wall

Plastic-Bag Liner for the Central Vacuum Cleaner

Pre-Loading Stabilizer & Clarifier into a Wine Carboy and using its Plastic Bag as a Dust Cover

Dual Socks for a U-Shaped Toilet Seat Cover

Stable Cone-Shaped Coffee Table with a Microwave-Oven Turntable

On-Ceiling Tissue Paper Box Suspender in a Car by a Cut Hula Hoop

Stick-On Mirror for In-Shower Shaving

Cardboard Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement

Chute-Door Shelf with a Landry-Basket Lid

Narrow-Slit Hanging Scheme of a Waist Bag on a Hook

Through-Floor Ethernet and Cable TV Wiring via Basement Ceiling

Post-Blood Donation Puncture Pressuriser Band with Dual Pop-Bottle Caps

Secure Bicycle Bag Attachment Scheme by a Hooked Elastic Rope

Rubber-Band Receipt Holder for a Note Pad

Kneeling Chair Protection by a Pillowcase and Insulation by a Towel

Power-Cord Winding around a Vacuum Cleaner Tube with a Rubber Band

Power-Bar Vertical Attachment to a Table Leg with Rubber Bands

Stick-On Concave Mirror for Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Ceiling Whistle String with a Rare-Earth Magnet

Kitchen Ceiling Utensil Suspenders by Rare-Earth Magnets

Outdoor Street Number Lamp-Shade Sticker

Ring-Shaped Magnetic Curtain Attachment Scheme

Polyethylene Sticky-Guard for a Duct Tape Roll Sides

Flame-Fusion Technique for a Polypropylene Rope

Non-Destructive Golf-Ball Vehicle Stop Indicator with Magnetic Detachment

Slinky Light-Shade Attachment Scheme with Twisted Solder

Secure Electrical Power Block-Outlet Connection Scheme

Rare-Earth Ring-Shaped Magnet for Twin Car-Home Keychain Attachment

Feather-Tipped Magnetically Attached Wearable Pen

Cardboard Shipping Tube Sealed with Sour-Cream Container Lids

Transformation of a Children's Play Structure into a Fence Crossing

Balancing Figurine with a Steel Handle Counterweight

Magnetic Blind Suspension Scheme

Magnetic Lantern Hanging Scheme

Magnetically Attached Ballpoint Pen Demonstration Scheme

Single-Piece Birdseeds Dispenser from a Container Template

Ice-Storm/Freezing Rain Busting Plastic Sheet over Windshield

Repurposing a Mouthwash Pump as a Universal Dish/Body Detergent Dispenser for Kitchen/Bathroom

Toilet Tank Float Arm Crack Repair Scheme with Triple Square Nuts and Goop

Magnetically Erected Wind-Effect Display Device

Magnetically Suspended Flywheel System

In-Trunk Paper Towel Hanger for a Car

Recycling Bin Wall-Hooking Scheme

Uphill Skis

Ginkgo Biloba Powder Spice and Tea

Wine Residue Paste

Use of Wine Containers with Connectors as Structural Support

Human Wash: Showerhead with an Integrated Liquid Detergent Dispenser

Millennium Card: Magnetic Wall Decoration

Magnetically Attached Earrings with Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Combination

Rare-Earth Magnetic Shower Curtain Fixer

Rare-Earth Magnetic Pen on a Refrigerator Door and on a Drywall Corner Bead

Pen-Holder Suction-Cup Attachment on a Toilet Tank

Crystal Dome Project

Spill-Proof Drink Cup with a Diagonal Straw for Kids

Sauce Dispenser Pump

Toilet Water Saver by a Mayonnaise Container with a Rock in the Tank

Hinged Cardboard Flap for Concealing LED Status Indicators of the Security System Panel

Doorbell-Chime Sound Wireless Re-routing to the Basement

Indoor Window-Pane Plant Holder with a Sour-Cream Container

Winter Jacket Scarf/Shawl Attachment Method through a Tag Gap

Post-it Note Grocery List on a Shopping Cart

Post-it Note Paragraph Mark

Circular Bilingual Greeting Letter

End-Folding Scheme for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape Removal

Truely Green Tea with Non-Boiling Brewing from the Tap

Solid Red Wine (Agar-O)

Quinolent ORANGE

Quinolent GREEN

Chiareal BLACK

Angled Computer Monitor Screen with Electric Wire Suspension

Toothpaste Dispenser Pump with an Optional Integrated Toothbrush Holder

Koreless Frozen Pizza

Spice & Sauce Hanger: Magnetically Hanging Spice/Sauce Dispenser System

PuckMeal/PuckRepas: Hockey-Puck Shape&Size No-Mess Meal Packed with Nutrition

BikeStick: A Bicycle Stick for Saving a Trainer's Back

HoloStatue: Holographic Display Device

MagneScribe: Auto-Retractable Ballpoint Pen with an Adjustable Ergonomic Cushion

Erectable Hexa-Conical Take-Out Coffee Cup

HyperFeeder: Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with Concentric Perching Rings

Germ Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

Snow Igloo with a Plastic Stool Inside

Building a Backyard Skating Rink with a Solar Pool Blanket

Hard-Boiling Eggs in a Microwave Oven

Spill-Free Drink Cup with a Straight Straw for Kids

No-Touch Meatball Making Technique

3-Way Hockey Rink

Integrated Power Generation Plant and Greenhouse

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