2017-06-09|Canadian Life Hacks Contest

Canadian Life Hacks Contest/Conours des trucs et astuces canadiens



Innovation150 @innovation150

Simon Sunatori (@simonsunatori) • Instagram photos and videos

ProjectBoard (@IcicleSteel) - Innovative Life Hacks

Indoor Temperature Optimisation via Thermal Inertia

Localised Draft Prevention by a Folded Bath Towel as a Thermal Shield

All-Season Shoes Leakage Preventive Measure by PVC Tape

Cold-Buster Medical Nitrile Gloves with a Touch ID Hole

Heavy-Duty Food-Item Carrier by a Dual-Compartment Cardboard Box with Rubber Bands

Aluminum-Foil Metallic Thermal Socks

Aluminum-Foil Hat Lining for Sound Reflection

Ultra-High-Efficiency Self-Regulating Symmetrical Homopolar Motor with a Circular Rotor

High-Efficiency Self-Regulating Asymmetrical Homopolar Motor

Viewing/Listening Angle Optimisation of a Uni-Directional Acoustic Dome by an Aluminum Lampshade

Lapel Pin to Prevent a Waist Bag Strap from Slip-Sliding Away

Turtleneck Sweat Buster Moisture Chimney by a Silicon Steel Strap

Angled Tray to Catch Dripping Wine from a Water Pump

Tying Curtain with a Safety Reflective Ankle Strap

Partial Guidelines for Cutting Paraffin Wax Splash Guard

USB Cable Tie's Steel Core for Stopping a Zipper Slider

Flip-Cover Casserole Bowl for Double-Decker Microwave Cooking

Biodegradable Paper Towel Cover for Microwave Cooking

Nano Magic Tape Phone Attachment to a Uni-Directional Acoustic Dome

Multiple Uni-Directional Acoustic Domes on a Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower with an Air Gap

Orientation-Differentiated Placement of RFID Chip Cards in a Waist Bag for Public Transportation

Crystal Glass Candle Holder as an Ornamental Lightbulb Socket

iPhone Stand by a Spherical Rare-Earth Magnet on a Steel Washer

QR Codes of Wi-Fi Access and Presentation Viewgraphs on PAGE 1

Touchscreen Cleaning by Surfactant in a Detergent-Soaked Cloth

High-Density Polyethylene Produce Bag Fortification by Multiple Twist-Folding

Providing Friction to iPhone's Bicycle Mount by Electrical Tape

Permanent Setting of Home Appliance's Control Functions by Electrical Tape

Floating Cereal Bowl on a Transparent-Dome Platform by an Inverted Glass Bowl

No-Knot Calendar Hanging by Ring-Disc Combination of Rare-Earth Magnets

Triple-Layer Sandwich for iPhone's Optimal Magnetic Attachment

Locking a Bike Holder For Mobile Phones by a Supercycle Basic Combo Bike Lock

Posture-Perfect Movie Viewing on a Switch-Stopped iPhone

Bending the Suction Tube of a Spray Bottle by Boiling Dihydrogen Monoxide

Electrical-Tape Blocking of a Wall Switch

Plant-Growth Direction Shifting from Vertical to Horizontal

iOS Shortcuts for Transmitting URL via either AirDrop or QR Code

Steel Washers Strengthening iPhone Magnetic Attachment

High-Pitch Friction Noise Replacing a Bicycle Bell

Lifting a Toilet-Seat Lid with a Suction Cup Gadget

Hiding a Pocket Knife inside a Metallic Compact Mirror Case

Colouring Alignment Lines on a Bicycle Combination Lock

Inverted Double-Decker Platform for Eating Cereals with Milk

iPhone Stand with a Safety Reflective Ankle Strap

Suspending Magnetised Sunglass Case on an S-Shaped Hook

In-Car Dual-Screen Display

iPhone Mount on a Steering Column with Sticky-Pad Attachment

Securing a Rubber Band with 2 Ring-Shaped Rare-Earth Magnets

Pre-Counted Bus Fare in a Plastic Bag

Knapsack as a Frontpack

Uniform PET Containers for General Food Storage

Shower Caddie's Suction Cup on a Gooped Steel Plate

Peripheral Opening of Paperclip-Fastened Curtains

Acoustic Dome on a Kitchen Ceiling Crosspoint

Preventing a Bird Nest inside a Ventilation Duct Opening

Twist-Attaching an Over-Sized Trash Bag to a Kitchen Waste Bin

Zero-Maintenance All-Natural Tapestry Lawn

Nuts/Seeds Collection by Vacuum Suction with a Mesh Filter

Steel Plate Landing Site for the iPhone Holder with a Hula Hoop

Organic Fertiliser Spray for Hydrogel Hydroponics Plants

Covered Compartmentalised Hydrogel Hydroponics for Minimizing Evaporation of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Align-Only No-Fold Laundry Scheme

Frequency Shifting of a Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Avoiding Interference with a GPS Navigator

Conference Badge with QR Code of E-mail Address

Waist Bag Belt as an Integrated Single Belt

Synergetic High-Pitch Acoustic Resonance by Fish-Line Hanging of a Heavy Bolt and a Singing Rod

Annular Junk-Mail Flyer as a Paraffin Wax Splash Guard

Functional QR-Code ID Tattoo with Citizenship Logo for Body Identification

Hydroponics with Multi-Layer Hydrogel Balls and Tissue Paper Sandwich Membrane

High-Pitch Acoustic Resonance by Fish-Line Hanging of a Heavy Bolt

Dirt-Free Hydroponics with Single-Layer Hydrogel Balls

Dirt-Free Hydroponics with Hydrogel Balls in a Cup

Freezing Ginkgo Biloba Seeds in a Freezer

Storing Ginkgo Biloba Seeds in a Plastic Mesh Bag

Ending the Battle over Toilet Seat Up or Down

Preventing Contamination behind a Food Container Cover

UPC Spoofing with On-Line Barcode Generator

Quinolent GREEN Washable (Encased in Paraffin Wax)

Concave-Convex Image Transformation by a Mylar Seal

Hydrogel Shrinkage by Osmosis with Sodium Chloride in Dihydrogen Monoxide

Horizontalisation of iPhone-Viewing Lamp Stand by a Rag

iPhone Rubber-Band Suspension from a Swingable Magnetically-Supported Bent Steel Bar

Snow Shovel Handle Replacement for Back-Pain Prevention

Keychain on a Retractable Wire Semi-Permanently Attached to a Winter Jacket

Quinolent GREEN Drying on a Cutting Board

Quinolent GREEN Measuring by an Ice-Cream Scoop and Shaping by a Plastic Cup

In-Situ Casseroles Cooking of Pre-Weighed Quinolent GREEN and Quinolent ORANGE

Open-Air Uncovered Blending of High-Viscosity Ingredients

Clean Cheese Dispensing by Multiply-Folded Plastic Wrap

Hyper-Thick Toilet Tissue for Dry and Wet Wiping

Drying Ginkgo Seeds in a Laundry Net Mesh Bag

Gooping a Steel Plate to a Refrigerator Ceiling

Strategic Placement of a Recycling Bin to Keep a Snowplow Away

Winter Jacket Hood Adjustment by Safety Pins

Keychain on a Coiled Wire Semi-Permanently Attached to a Winter Jacket

iPhone Tethered to a Coiled USB Cable for Loss Prevention

Electrical Tape Cable Consolidation at the Gap of an Extendable Table

Serving Quinolent GREEN Puck Soup on a Microwave-Oven Turntable

USB Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Looping

Upside-Down Fondue Base for a Tabletop Fireplace

Gooping Washers to a Wine Filter Housing

Using Paper Towel as Coffee Filter

Freezing Dihydrogen Monoxide in a Balloon

Sanitary Opening and Closing of a Toilet Seat

Reducing Banging Noise of a Toilet Seat

Providing Parents in the Master Bedroom with Privacy

Insulating Tubing of a Hot-Water Tank

Stopping Movement of Over-the-Door Hook Hanger by Silicone Rubber Pads

Glove Attachment to a Winter Jacket's Snap Fastener

Finding a Stud with Rare-Earth Magnets

Looped Masking Tape for Removing Hair

Knapsack Zipper Stopper Technique

Trimming Tall Plastic Glasses for Kids

Leaving Metallic Utensil inside a Microwave Oven while Cooking

Tissue Box Attachment by Looped Single-Sided Packing Tape

Flip-and-Throw Pre-Tied Garbage Bag

Food-Access Facilitation by Inverting a Round Casserole Dish

Costco Membership (Credit) Card in a Name Badge Holder

Breakfast Portion Control as Most Effective Diet

Scarethief Padlock on a Fence Gate

Up-Down Arrangement of Utensils on a Magic Plate

iPhone Plus USB Cable through a Hula Hoop with a Magnetically-Reinforced Bolt

Horizontal Placement of Carry-In Condiment Kit in a Knapsack

Pen Insertion into a Dashboard Air Vent Grille

Ring-Disc Combination for Magnetic Suspension of Containers

Magnetic Confinement of a Steel Bolt inside a Waist Bag

Steel-Bolt iPhone Stand for Portrait/Landscape Orientation

Upper Limit on Over-the-Range Inverter Microwave Oven's Power Setting

In-Car Magnetic Attachment of Miscellaneous Items

Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle with Magic Marker Volume Indicators

Dihydrogen Monoxide Bottle Hanging on a Crank Knob

Carry-In Condiment Kit for McDonald's FREE Medium Fries

Washable Weapon of Bug Destruction

Magnetised iPhone Stacking up on top of a GPS Navigator

iPhone Plus Rubber-Band Attachment on a Sun Visor

Earphone Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Goop

Revitalisation of a Life-Size Doll by a Neck Tube and Electrical Tape

Stabilisation of a Waist Bag behind a Bike Seat by Beverage Cans

Precious Item Hiding inside a Pill Container

Friction-Assisted Diagonal Erection of iPhone for Sound Reflection

Retractable iPhone Sound Reflector into its Case

Silicone-Tape-Covered Penetrating Magnet through an iPhone Case

Broken Rare-Earth Magnet for Attaching a Bike Lock

Magnetic Suspension of a Licked Utensil above a Container

Guideline for the Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower

Routing an Extension Cord with a USB Charger in a Washroom

A Pill Holder out of a Computer-Screen Wiper

Object Insertion into the Gap of an Appliance's Label

iPhone Holder with a Hula Hoop

Laptop Laidback Wrist Saver

Chinese Water Torture Prevention Scheme

Car-Key Leg-Touching Avoidance Technique

Diagonally-Aligned Horizontal Window Blinds

Sweeper Refill on a Non-Swiffer Mop Head

Vacuum Packaging Clothes in a Plastic Bag Sealed by an Elastic Band

iPhone Sound Reflector with a Transparent Piece of Plastic

Mouthwash-Soaked Sponge for Slow-Release Nocturnal Cavity Prevention

Makeshift Spoon for Sampling Soups

Transformation of Kid's Scooter into Adult's Scooter by Duct Tape

De-Brining Green Olives with Dihydrogen Monoxide and Re-Using Brine

Laundry Detergent Measuring Cup for Mouthwash

Life-Size Welcoming Beacon Balloon Pole from Junk

Open-Door Refrigerator as a Dehumidifier

Cheese Package Sealing for Storage by Inward Folding

Killing Fruit Flies with Dihydrogen-Monoxide Spray

iPhone Rubber-Band Attachment on a Sun Visor

Using a Vibrator for Inducing/Accelerating Defecation

Head-Mounted iPhone Supported by a Primopuel Doll's Upright Hairstyle

Genuine Garage Sale with Name Your Own Price (NYOP)

Dormitory-Bed Expansion by Stolen Chairs

Leak-Free Magnetic Suspension of a Dishwand by Direction Reversal

GPS Navigator Viewing Angle Adjustment with a Rubber Band-Wrapped Plastic Container of a Liquid Sample

Shower Caddie Stabilisation Scheme with a Cut Plastic Tube

WELCOME/GOOD-BYE Entrance Double-Sided Notice Magnetically Attached on Drywall Surface

Windshield Sun-Visor Gap Filler by a Junk-Mail Flyer

Compartmentalised Envelope as a Coin Carrier by Folding and Stapling

Variable Ski-Pole Grip Position Adjustment Technique

Ski Pants Waist Belt Twist-Tightening Technique

Self-Standing Magnetised iPhone with Gooped Magnets, Non-Slip Goop Surfaces, Gooped External Battery

Duct Tape-Goop Combination for Leak Sealing Ski Boots

Leak-Catch Plastic Tray under the Kitchen Sink

Stacked Double-Decker iPhones for Simultaneous Watching and Listening

Wrapping Paper Towel around a Microfibre Cloth for Wiping

Cross-Country Ski Carrier with a Shoulder Strap

Liquid Absorber for an Electric Toothbrush Induction Base Plate

Non-Flying iPhone in the Car by a Rolled-Up Mini-Towel

Transferring Latex Paint from a Steel Can to a Plastic Container

Ski Pole Handle with Polyethylene Foam Pipe Insulation

Upside-Down Casserole Bowl for Serving Quinolent GREEN

High-Density Polyethylene Produce Bag Folding Technique

Natural Composting of Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

Magnetic Attachment of a Seat Belt Buckle Stopper

Ski Storage with a Polypropylene Rope on Ceiling Hooks

Ski Binding Detachment Preventive Measure by Gooping

Stitched Neck of a Turtleneck T-Shirt

Simultaneous Washing of a Detergent Measuring Cup with Clothes

Paperclip Fastening of Curtains Converted from Vertical Blinds

Drink Bottle Carrying in a Lab Coat Pocket

iPhone Optimal Viewing Angle from a Lamp-Stand by a Rod-Shaped Magnet

USB Cable Breakage Preventive Measure by Electrical Tape

Space-Time Staggering of Muffin/Cupcake Pan for Quinolent GREEN

MAGLITE Lantern Stand for Igloo Camping

Permanently-Open Waist Pack Pocket for Shoe Horn Storage

Polyethylene Foam Pipe Insulation around a Sleigh Snow Shovel Handle

Quasi-Pressure Cooker for a Microwave Oven

iPhone Sticky-Pad Attachment to Glass

Triple-Position In-Line Cascading Workstation

Spill-Proof Drinking Bottle with Electrical Tape Volume Indicators

Partially-Open Shower to Counter the Shower-Curtain Effect

Tidy iPhone Cable Arrangement by a Ring-Shaped Magnet with a Steel Tie

Furnace Filter Life Extension

Tire Rotation Indicator Iconographic Labels

Mesh Mouse Barrier to the Car's Air Filter Compartment

Semi-Permanent In-Situ Storage of Silicone Muffin Pans on a Microwave-Oven Rack

Overboiling Ginkgo Biloba Seeds for Easy Extraction

Universal Liquids for all Washing and all Lubrication

Floating Disposable Container for Sanitary Poop Sampling

Semi-Permanent Placement of a Spill-Proof Drinking Bottle in front of a Computer

Magnetic Hanging of Utensils on a Magic Plate

Laptop Computer Platform with Quad+Fine-Tined Stacked Containers in the Bathroom

Paperclip Magnetic Stabilisation of the On-Ceiling Tissue Paper Box Suspender in a Car by a Cut Hula Hoop

Cascading Gravity-Assisted Dish Drying Scheme on a Flipped Bowl

Dual Volume Markers on the Internal Surface of an Opaque Pitcher

Lamp-Shade Stabilisation by an H2O Tank with Rubber Band Attachment to the Stand

Formation of Non-Slip Surface of iPhone Magnets by Goop Application

Permanent Goop Attachment of iPhone to an External Battery

iPhone Non-Slip Surface by Electrical Tape and Doubly-Stacked Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Magnet Scheme

Stable Non-Reflective iPhone Attachment to a Car's Dashboard

Permanently-Open Cardboard Box by Inwardly Folding the Top

Human Wash Showerhead Discharge Direction Adjustment Scheme

AvocaChide: Super-Synergetic Hybrid of Avocado and Peanut Butter

Consolidated Bundle of Multiple USB Wires with a Rubber Band through a Ring-Shaped Magnet

Magnetic Suspension of a Dishwand above a Kitchen Sink

3-in-1 Integrated Coffee Table/Trash Can/Tissue Paper Box Holder with a Microwave-Oven Turntable

Accelerometer-Shock Absorber with Diagonally-Slotted Cotton Pads in a Cardboard Box between Car Seats

iPhone Stand by Magnetisation of a Business Card Holder

Microwave Oven Door Mechanism Reinforcement Scheme with a Plastic Tube and Goop

Duvet Cover Corner Fixation with 4 Paper Clips

iPhone Wristband for Carrying at Low Outdoor Temperatures

Flipped Desk Lamp for Room Illumination and iPhone Stand above a Laptop Computer

Swingable Magnetically-Supported Bent Steel Bar on a Lamp-Stand for Straight iPhone Viewing on a Sofa with a Golf Ball at the End

TeaVin: Super-Anti-Oxidant Cocktail Mix of 1:1 Green Tea and Red Wine

Magnetic Suspension of Containers and Canned Foods from a Refrigerator Ceiling

Magnetic Attachment of an iPhone to a Hand-Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger/Battery via a Steel Plate

Perpendicular Bamboo-Tree Support with a Horizontal Bar on Stairs and Rubber Bands

Method of Making Refrigerator-Dried Smoked Salmon Jerky on a Microwave Oven Grille with a Removable Oil-Catching Tray

Holy Ghost Jesus Resurrection Miracle Chamber: Auto ON/OFF Full-Colour 3-Dimensional Repositionable Statue Projection System

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Steel Loudspeaker Grille with Long and Short Rod-Shaped Magnets for Inclination

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Desk Lamp with a USB Cable Fix by a Ring-Shaped Magnet

Drop-Leaf Table with Elastic Rubber O-Rings for Leaf Stabilisation

Erect Lock Window Curtain Holding Scheme

Ironing Board Transformation into a Stand-Up Desk with a Drink Tray

Magnetically Suspended Blinking LED Colour Holiday Lights

Staggered Pie Pan Placement Optimised for Fluid-Thermodynamics on 2 Top Oven Racks

Slidable Single-/Double-Pillow Switching Arrangement for a Laptop Holding Position

Quantized-Height Washroom Shelf with Dual Multi-Stacked Wine Containers

Hanging Peanut-Butter Mouse Trap with Gap-Aligned Opening at a Sliding Pocket Door

False-Floor Reinforcement of a Garbage Bin Floor

iPhone Stabilisation on a Curved Lamp-Shade Surface with Triple Ring-Shaped Magnets

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Plastic Refrigerator Front Door

iPhone Magnetic Attachment to a Disc-Shaped Steel Plate

iPhone Double-Orientation Portrait/Landscape Attachment by Quadruple Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Magnets

Magnetic Tabletop iPhone Tower with a Golf Ball on Top

Magnetic Remote-Control Consolidating Tower with a Golf Ball on Top

Permanently-Positioned Pre-Elevated Tank for Syphon Wine Preparation Scheme

Colour-Matched Duct Tape for Car Body Repair

Multi-Angle iPhone Stand with an Angle-Cut Plastic Lid

GPS Navigator Security Cover with a Sock

Straight-View In-Dash GPS Navigator Attachment Scheme with Rubber Bands

Tissue Paper Dispenser on a Toilet Paper Holder with Crossed Rubber Bands and a Spare on Top

Tissue Paper Dispenser beside/above a Garbage Bin with Rubber Bands

Disposable Razor Blade Lifetime Extension by Removing Hair Debris with a Brush

Open ASA/Melatonin/Vitamin Pill Dispensing with a Plastic Spoon

Hidden Coin Storage under the False Floor of a Car's Cup Holder

Hidden Trash Can inside a Car's Console

Circular Duct-Tape Patch on a Bicycle Saddle

Asymptotically Stable Self-Balancing Drinking Glass with Damping Effect

False-Floor Adaptation of a Garbage Bin to a Compost Bin

Adaptation of Blind Rail to Curtain Hanging

Taped RFID Credit Card on a Non-Smart Cell Phone as NFC Emulation

Towel/Cloth Hangers on Coffee SpaceMaker Frame

Sleigh Attachment Scheme for Cross-Country Skiing

Keychain and S-Shaped Hook Attachment by Rare-Earth Magnets to a Steel Shelf

Ventilation Inlet Duct Shutter with Magnetically-Attached Aluminum Foil

Ventilation Outlet Duct Shutter with Inserted Aluminum Foil

Linear Digital Versatile Disc Decoration behind Car Windshield

Toothbrush Soaking in Flavoured C2H5OH

Triply-Connected Coffee Table with Optional Tissue Box Attachment

Magnetically-Suspended Headset Support with a Helical Telephone Cord

Zipper-Handle Replacement with a Keychain Ring or a Paperclip

Stacked Car Floor Mat with the Bottom One Flipped for Rubber-Side Up

Replenishable Sticky-Pad Grocery List on a Wall

Plastic-Bag Liner for the Central Vacuum Cleaner

Pre-Loading Stabilizer & Clarifier into a Wine Carboy and using its Plastic Bag as a Dust Cover

Dual Socks for a U-Shaped Toilet Seat Cover

Stable Cone-Shaped Coffee Table with a Microwave-Oven Turntable

On-Ceiling Tissue Paper Box Suspender in a Car by a Cut Hula Hoop

Stick-On Mirror for In-Shower Shaving

Cardboard Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement

Chute-Door Shelf with a Landry-Basket Lid

Narrow-Slit Hanging Scheme of a Waist Bag on a Hook

Through-Floor Ethernet and Cable TV Wiring via Basement Ceiling

Post-Blood Donation Puncture Pressuriser Band with Dual Pop-Bottle Caps

Secure Bicycle Bag Attachment Scheme by a Hooked Elastic Rope

Rubber-Band Receipt Holder for a Note Pad

Kneeling Chair Protection by a Pillowcase and Insulation by a Towel

Power-Cord Winding around a Vacuum Cleaner Tube with a Rubber Band

Power-Bar Vertical Attachment to a Table Leg with Rubber Bands

Stick-On Concave Mirror for Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Ceiling Whistle String with a Rare-Earth Magnet

Kitchen Ceiling Utensil Suspenders by Rare-Earth Magnets

Outdoor Street Number Lamp-Shade Sticker

Ring-Shaped Magnetic Curtain Attachment Scheme

Polyethylene Sticky-Guard for a Duct Tape Roll Sides

Flame-Fusion Technique for a Polypropylene Rope

Non-Destructive Golf-Ball Vehicle Stop Indicator with Magnetic Detachment

Slinky Light-Shade Attachment Scheme with Twisted Solder

Secure Electrical Power Block-Outlet Connection Scheme

Rare-Earth Ring-Shaped Magnet for Twin Car-Home Keychain Attachment

Feather-Tipped Magnetically Attached Wearable Pen

Cardboard Shipping Tube Sealed with Sour-Cream Container Lids

Transformation of a Children's Play Structure into a Fence Crossing

Balancing Figurine with a Steel Handle Counterweight

Magnetic Blind Suspension Scheme

Magnetic Lantern Hanging Scheme

Magnetically Attached Ballpoint Pen Demonstration Scheme

Single-Piece Birdseeds Dispenser from a Container Template

Ice-Storm/Freezing Rain Busting Plastic Sheet over Windshield

Repurposing a Mouthwash Pump as a Universal Dish/Body Detergent Dispenser for Kitchen/Bathroom

Toilet Tank Float Arm Crack Repair Scheme with Triple Square Nuts and Goop

Magnetically Erected Wind-Effect Display Device

Magnetically Suspended Flywheel System

In-Trunk Paper Towel Hanger for a Car

Recycling Bin Wall-Hooking Scheme

Uphill Skis

Ginkgo Biloba Powder Spice and Tea

Wine Residue Paste

Use of Wine Containers with Connectors as Structural Support

Human Wash: Showerhead with an Integrated Liquid Detergent Dispenser

Millennium Card: Magnetic Wall Decoration

Magnetically Attached Earrings with Disc-Shaped/Ring-Shaped Combination

Rare-Earth Magnetic Shower Curtain Fixer

Rare-Earth Magnetic Pen on a Refrigerator Door and on a Drywall Corner Bead

Pen-Holder Suction-Cup Attachment on a Toilet Tank

Crystal Dome Project

Spill-Proof Drink Cup with a Diagonal Straw for Kids

Sauce Dispenser Pump

Toilet Water Saver by a Mayonnaise Container with a Rock in the Tank

Hinged Cardboard Flap for Concealing LED Status Indicators of the Security System Panel

Doorbell-Chime Sound Wireless Re-routing to the Basement

Indoor Window-Pane Plant Holder with a Sour-Cream Container

Winter Jacket Scarf/Shawl Attachment Method through a Tag Gap

Post-it Note Grocery List on a Shopping Cart

Post-it Note Paragraph Mark

Circular Bilingual Greeting Letter

End-Folding Scheme for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape Removal

Truely Green Tea with Non-Boiling Brewing from the Tap

Solid Red Wine (Agar-O)

Quinolent ORANGE

Quinolent GREEN

Chiareal BLACK

Angled Computer Monitor Screen with Electric Wire Suspension

Toothpaste Dispenser Pump with an Optional Integrated Toothbrush Holder

Koreless Frozen Pizza

Spice & Sauce Hanger: Magnetically Hanging Spice/Sauce Dispenser System

PuckMeal/PuckRepas: Hockey-Puck Shape&Size No-Mess Meal Packed with Nutrition

BikeStick: A Bicycle Stick for Saving a Trainer's Back

HoloStatue: Holographic Display Device

MagneScribe: Auto-Retractable Ballpoint Pen with an Adjustable Ergonomic Cushion

Erectable Hexa-Conical Take-Out Coffee Cup

HyperFeeder: Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with Concentric Perching Rings

Germ Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

Snow Igloo with a Plastic Stool Inside

Building a Backyard Skating Rink with a Solar Pool Blanket

Hard-Boiling Eggs in a Microwave Oven

Spill-Free Drink Cup with a Straight Straw for Kids

No-Touch Meatball Making Technique

3-Way Hockey Rink

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